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Hotels near stansted airport


Book hotels near stansted airport with free parking and an overnight stay can work out almost as cheap as parking alone.

During the winter the cheapest parking for a 14 day holiday costs just over £95. Yet a double room at one of the hotels near stansted airport costs from £79 (and from £70 in less busy times).

So, an overnight stay at a hotel near stansted airport and a relaxing 10 minute journey to the airport can cost less than airport parking alone.

Read this 60 second primer to make sure you get the best deal on hotels near stansted airport. Click to find our about the most popular stansted hotels.

Hotels near stansted airport

Unfortunately there is less choice of hotels near Stansted Airport than there is at the other London Airports, but don't be fooled into thinking that the Hilton is the only hotel near stansted hotel - there are other choices.

If you want to be an 'on airport' hotel it's a choice of one - the Stansted Hilton. Depending on demand you can get a good deal, but you'll often be better off selecting the little known stansted airport motel or a stansted hotel or guest house slightly further away from the airport, but that is set up to cater for holiday parking.

Holidayextras (click on the name to jump to the website) offer a choice of up to 5 hotels at discounted rates either at or near Stansted Airport.

Their rates range from £79 for one night in a double room at a budget stansted hotel (including 15 days parking) to between £99 and £140 for one night at the Stansted Hilton (again including 15 days parking).

If they do only offer the Hilton when you search online don't give up. Telephone them on 0870 844 4110 and ask them to check their offline system too.

Another website to check for hotels near Stansted Airport is FHR Hotels. They have a slightly less choice than holidayextras but often keener prices - especially for singles rooms at the Bushel & Sack, family rooms at the Hilton and Friday, Saturday and Sunday night stays. If you want a family room this may need to be confirmed offline, but they offer rooms at hotels near stansted airport at really good rates.

(Note: you can book hotels near stansted airport with FHR 'offline' by telephoning 0870 745 6372).

To make sure you get the best deal on your hotel near stansted airport, compare the prices at holidayextras and FHR with APH Hotels (again click on the name to jump to the website), especially if you are looking for a family room.

(Note: you can book hotels near stansted airport with APH 'offline' - by telephoning 0870 733 2150)

Whilst checking around, we recommend you visit the airport hotel section of a discount hotel website - Superbreak Hotels - with a reasonable choice of hotels - including some not offered by the other 3 - they also offer a wider choice of room types, including single and twin rooms.

But note that superbreak quote prices on a per person basis not per room and if you want a hotel near stansted airport including free parking make sure it's included in the hotel description. If it's not in the description then it's not included.

We recommend that you search in the following order:

Holidayextras (widest choice) then FHR hotels (better prices) then Superbreak hotels (hotels not offered by the other 3) then APH hotels then book!

The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes and will ensure that you get the cheapest hotel near stansted airport. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

Click to find our about the most popular stansted hotels.

Prices for airport hotels change frequently depending on demand. Remember to bookmark this site so that you can come back the next time you need airport parking or hotels near stansted airport.


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